Study Certifies H?rmann's Good Customer Satisfaction

The subject of interest of Focus-Money was the individual experiences customers had with leading family-owned companies in Germany. For the study, the Cologne-based analysis and consulting company Service Value GmbH, commissioned by the initiators, selected 220 family-owned businesses. They needed to meet the criteria of the EU Commission for the term “family-owned company” and generate a minimum annual turnover of 35 million euros as well as have direct contact with end customers.

The 100 best family-owned companies were determined through an online survey of a registered, population-representative group of people. They were asked to rate those family-owned businesses and brands with which they had concrete experiences on a scale from 1 to 5, whereas at least 300 evaluations were required to assess each company.

The result of this survey confirms H?rmann's standard in innovation, product quality and customer service: Europe's leading provider of doors, frames and operators came in 52nd place, ahead of companies such as Warsteiner, Seidensticker, Sixt or Fuchs Gewürze. Stefan Gamm, Director of International Marketing Communications at H?rmann, is pleased with the result: “In sales we do not address the end consumer directly, but rather we distribute our products through qualified specialist dealers. People usually buy a door or a garage door only once in their life. Therefore, it especially pleased us to have received such a good recognition and satisfaction from those surveyed.”

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